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Healing With Whole Foods

Preventive healthcare starts with nutritious meals that accelerate wellness goals, proper portion sizes, and fundamental food education.

Mobile Health Solutions

Managing healthcare starts with digitally monitoring, tracking, and analyzing all aspects of your personal health.

  • Under Armour offers a complete digital health and fitness system to track and store nutrition, fitness, sleep, and other activities at no cost to users.  Data automatically populates from apps and wearable devices, into other apps such as the Health App for iPhone users.
  • Apple offers smartphone users a free electronic personal health record in their Health App on iPhone  to track and store activity, calorie intake with nutritional values, sleep, meditation, vitals, lab results, and data from wearable medical  devices. The Health app also connects a growing  number of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare institutions providing patient access to their medical records right from their iPhone. The updated Health Records section organizes medical information from various institutions into one view and provides notifications when the patients data is updated.  

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